Pet Murphy Bed

For those of you who don't know what a Murphy Bed is, let me give you a brief intro to it.  A Murphy bed is a foldaway bed that typically folds up against a wall on the head end. With no headboard, footboard and box spring, a Murphy bed folds flat up against a wall and frees up valuable floor space during the day.   The Murphy bed has come a long way since its introduction in the early 1900's, so much change that there is now not only Pet Murphy Beds, but eco-friendly Pet Murphy Bed.  The one pictured on the left is by Midnight Pass.

The Pet Murphy bed is ideal for anyone living in a one bedroom apartment or studio apartment, condos or even RV'S. This furniture system is also perfect for small bedrooms or home offices with limited space.  Not only does it provide your pet with a place to sleep, but it also offers the owner a handsome piece of furniture.

Okay, so your wondering where your dog will lay during the day when you fold it up and your at work or school or maybe out shopping or doing errands.  Well, if you think your dog is laying in his or her bed when your gone, better think again.   Unless you crate your dog or put a gate up in the kitchen,( which is almost impossible with the open concept living even in smaller homes or apartments), chances are your dog is laying on your couch or favorite chair and / or probably on your bed.  I guarentee you he is not in his very own bed.

Thoughtfully made from tree farmed Rubber Wood…While teak wood is in shorter supply and expensive, rubber wood is a perfect replacement to any solid wood for interior decor. It’s beautiful, lighter and can be easily finished, all while you are doing your part to save our forests.  The mattress is made of fleece and fill with polyester,  which you can most likely be repalces with something more eco-friendly.

The Pet Murphy Bed dimensions (closed): 24” W x 36”H x 10” D. and the Mattress dimensions: 23”W x 28”L x 3” Thick.  This bed is for small and medium size dogs and holds up to 200 pounds.  It can be free standing or secured to any wall.

I know this Pet Murphy Bed is a little pricey, but I'm pretty sure it will fit the needs of some pet owners out there who need a space saving solution.  If I'm speaking about you, then check out the websire for pricing.  Enjoy!