Paws in the Pie

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, almost time to ring in the New Year…which means the good old NewYears Resoultions  Gee, what will it be…I'm guessing the most popular is…”this year I'm gonna lose some weight”…ha,ha,ha… good luck with that!  Sounds like a plan, but can we keep it this year.  Well maybe, if you do it with a friend it'll be a bit easier.  Why not make that friend, your four-legged furry one cause he or she can probably stand to lose a few pounds also.

So while your shopping for veggies and fruits and low calorie stuff for yourself be sure to check out these Paws in the Pie Dog Treats, by Ark Natural,  perfect  for several reasons. One, they come in two great flavors,apple and my all time favcorite pumpkin.  Two, they come in two size, small paws coming in at 3 calories each for smaller dogs and big paws at 4 calories each for larger dogs…perfect start to sliming the waistline.  Three, they're made with all natural ingredient with NO wheat, corn, soy, added salt, artificial colors,flavors or preservatives,by-products,hormones,antibiotics.  Last but not least they're made here in the U.S.A. 

What better New Years Resolution is there than to commit oursleves to helping our dogs stay healthy and slim to avoid problems in the future.  Sure we'll slip sometimes, that's only natural but if we check out treats more closely to make sure they're healthy and low in calories…and there are plenty out there, we can do it.  I'll be on the search for these goodies not only for doggies but for those chunky kitties also and will let you know what they are.  In the meantime, good luck on the New Years Resolutions and remember your best friend is probably following you around the house, all day, every day.  Have a Happy and Healthy New Year from our pet house to yours.  Enjoy!