Cats like balls and cats like catnip right…so put them together and you've got a  Pawbreaker Ball, Toy and Treat combination.   Now why didn't I think of that!

This 100% all-natural, mountain grown and made right here in the USA organic catnip Pawbreaker is healthy, safe, and a fun toy ball and treat rolled into one… a purrrfect combination and made by Edible Animal Treats, (E.A.T.s).

A delicious solid ball of top-quality organic catnip and the Diamond V Feline Nutritional Supplement and filled with lots of healthy Viaimins, that our furry friends thrive on.

So, all you cat lovers out there and everywhere treat your cat to a Pawbreaker.  You're going to just love watching your feline friend have the time of his or her life, playing with this ingenius creation… playing and rolling the ball and eating this toy and treat also.

Check out their seclection at, where I'm pretty sure you'll find something that's purrfect for you and your cat, so let the fun begin. 

Boy, I still wish I had come up with this idea!!  Oh well, I guess I'll still have to keep my “Thinking Cap” on.  Be sure to catch some of the videos of cats at play with the Pawbreaker, they're really cute.   Enjoy!