Salmon Paws Kitty Bitts

 Have you noticed that there are tons of different dog treats out there to choose from for all you canine lovers,  but for out kitty cats, not so much…Why is that?  Don't they need some goodies too?

 Lots of folks think that catnip is the only treat available, not so.   Catnip may be the most popular or well known treat for cats, but there are actually a few and i do mean a few, other alternatives to catnip.  Here's the thing, even when it says cat treat, most of the cat treats can also be given to your dog.  Of course, catnip is not one of the treats that are dog friendly.

 Again I searched for a really healthy natural treat for all our furry little felines and this Salmon Paws Kitty Bitts by Salmon Paws, is one of the treats I found and here's why.  Oh, yes, your dog will love them too!!!

 This Salmon Paws treat is made of 100% Alaskan Salmon, contains only human-grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Unlike many other salmon pet treats out on the market today, this product is 100% pure salmon meat with NO bones, fillers, or yeast!…just what I look for when I'm searching for really healthy food and treats for my pets, because they depend on us and more simply put… because they deserve it.  

 Salmon Paws Kitty Bitts are priced at $5.50 for 2oz bag / SHOP NOW