Organic Chedder Peanut Bake at Home Biscuit Mix!

If you love to bake and often thought about baking something healthy for your dog, then get those aprons on because this one is just for you! Organic Cheddar Peanut Bake at Home Buscuit Mix by Pet Boutique.  It's not only healthy but super easy to make.  Simply add water, egg and oil and bake…place in the included cookie cutter and voila…you have your doggie buiscuit…now how hard can that be. Packaged nicely in the picture to the right, it's also a perfect gift for some special doggie lover.

The package ingredients are organic unbleached and whole wheat flours, real cheddar cheese powder, organic rolled oats, roasted unsalted peanuts, organic flaxseed, organic parsley, organic ground tumeric. Baking instructions on package…oh and by the way this delicious and healthy organic mix is made right here in the USA…perfect!

Look how patient these little puppies are waiting for their biscuits, so let's get the baking started.  Who knows, after seeing how easy this is, you may decide to bake all your dogs treats and even come up with a healthy recipe of your own…you never know!   This mix is available at the for $9.99.  Enjoy!