Peanut Butter Little Treats

 We think of our pets as stars they sit, roll over, lay down…well you get the picture, when we ask them to.   So why not reward them with a healthy Little Stars Training Treats made of delicious Peanut Butter, by Wet Nose, that helps give positive reinforcement when our boys and girls respond to our commands when training, making it a more pleasurable experience not only for your dog, but for you also.

 These eraser tip size 100 % organic treats are not only the perfect size but also only 6 calories each, perfect for our sweet boys and girls waistline.    There is no wheat, corn soy or dairy in these treats….just 100% organic, plus they are made in the state of Washington, USA…always a plus in my book..

 Peanut butter is great for your dogs because it contains vitamins H and E.  Vitamin H increases the sheen on your dogs coat, improves the quality of the dog's skin and strenghtens the dog's nails.  Vitamin E helps your dogs immune system, which protects your dogs from disease.

 If by chance your buddy isn't a fan of peanut butte or maybe allergic,  these sweet little stars also come in cheddar and sweet potato flavors…mmmm, yummy.  Check out these healthy dog training treats at your local stores or at

Wet Nose Little Star Peanut Butter Tiny Organic Training Treats are priced at $6.95 / SHOP NOW