Orbee-Tuff Snowball

Well, like alot of folks, we're having a real cold snap down here in North Carolina.  Some people have even said it's the coldest they've seen it ever…we even had some snow flurries earlier this week, but not enough to make a real snowball to go and play with outdoors with our warm blooded furry friends…not to worry cause we found just the thing for you and your pup.

This Orbee-Tuff Snowball is made for lots of fun in the sun and colder weather because it never, ever melts. Your dog will love catching it, running with it outdoors or just carrying and chewing on it indoors cause it not only doesn't melt but it extra durable for all the big chewers.

This eco-friendly recyclable and non toxic ball of snowy fun is also made right her in the U.S.A. by Planet Dog, where they boast that no “yellow” snow was used in the making of this snowball…that's always good to know!

Available on the planetdog.com site or check it out on several other sites, this is not only a cute gift for the holidays but something that your babies can play with and enjoy all year round.  P.S. I guess they wrote Snowball on it for us…cause I'm pretty sure doggies can't read. Of course, I could be wrong…you never know.  Enjoy!