Orbee-Tuff Mint

I remember long ago at grandmas house there would always be a candy covered dish with these red and white mint candies, especially around the holidays.  What a treat when she would let us pick one or two out of the bowl.  Well today you can give that same old feeling to your pups when you get… then give one of these bouncey and candy like Orbee-Tuff Mints by Planet Dog

Have fun sharing the Christmas spirit with your four-legged friends. This tough dog chew toy is shaped like a giant peppermint candy and has mint flavor to help freshen your dog's breath….and you know how much we love fresh breath.  It's not only buoyant and bouncy for fun indoors and outside but this red and white candy mint toy is non toxic, recyclable and easily rinses clean. 

This made in the U.S.A., (we wouldn't want it any other way), dog chew toy is approximately 3.5″ in diameter.  Perfect for medium and larger dogs…but if you have a smaller dog who's strong and tuff, (get it) it may work for them also.

So why not treat your pups with this bit of nostalgia, so they can build some happy memories too!…or just because they're gonna love playing with it.  If it's to big for the stocking just wrap it up and put under the tree with the other gifts.  You can find this on planetdog.com or several other sites…so lets get this holiday shopping spree going cause time keeps slipping away. Enjoy!