Only Natural Pet Soothe and Shield Paw Balm

We all know what this cold weather does to our hands and we go through lots and lots of creams to keep them soft and free of cracks and dryness.

Well guess what…same thing happens to our babies paws, even more so than our hands cause they actually have their paws on the cold ground, snow, ice and other touogh and rough stuff day in and day out.

Sometimes we tend to forget about that,  but worry no more, because I found this Only Natural Soothe and Shield Paw Balm made especially for our little furry friends paws that will absolutely pamper their little paws all year round against all the elements.

Made with lots of good stuff like Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Lanolin and much more, you can feel really good about their paws when they romping around outdoors.

This balm is safe if ingested…so no worries there and get this…they say that even the “Leader of th Pack” can use it on dry and flakey elbows…and we know how bad elbows can get.

It's easy to apply and best to use before bedtime to give it a chance to soften and heal the paws overnight and those dry looking elbows we're trying to hide all the time.

You can find this made in U.S.A. Only Natural Soothe and Shield Paw Balm at  Enjoy!