Omega One Super Color Flakes Tropical Fish Food

I recently got some tropical fish for our 30 gallon tank…nothing too expensive but our local small pet store was having a sale, so what the heck.  Since I had some tropical fish flakes left over from the last time we set up the tank, I have been feeding them those flakes.. However, the food is almost gone and I just wanted to check to see if there was maybe a healthier fish flake around that didn't have fish meal listed as the first ingredient and something that was also made right here in the good old USA…the one I'd been using was not.

Well after checking out some different flakes I found this Omega One Super Color flakes Tropical Fish Food   This Omega One boasts that it's ingredients are loaded with Whole Salmon, Black Cod, Whole Heming, Seafood Mix(Including Krill, Shrimp and Octopus), among some other good healthy stuff and also offer some color enhancement opportunity for the fish.

All in all the reviews are quite favorable, but of course you can't always please everyone.  This week I'm going to pick some up and I will let you know in a review in a week or two, what I think of it…but most importantly how well my fish do with these flakes.  I will also let you know if I see any difference in their color as so many people have mentioned in the reviews.

I'm pretty sure you can get these flakes on line at several different sites or any local Pet Smart where I found them….stay tuned and…Enjoy!