Old Mother Hubbard Old Fashioned Dog Biscuits

This Old Mother Hubbard may not have something in the cupboard for the kids, but she sure does for the pooches.  Pictured to the left is this  assorted pack of Old Mother Hubbards Old Fashioned Dog Biscuits, in a dog bone shape…of course.

These all natural biscuits are ovenbaked right here in Glouchester, Ma. U.S.A.   The company began their business many years ago making snack treats for the sailors up there.  As the story goes, one day a sailor threw a treat to his dog and the dog gobbled it up and a light bulb went off and…voila, the Old Mother HUbbard Old Fasioned Dog Biscuit was born.

Lucky for our pups because they are chock filled with tons of healthy and delicious all natural flavors your pups are going to love…like chicken, cheddar, charcoal, original with sweet potatoes, eggs, paprika, tameric (which is also good to add to our foods by the way), whole ground apples and cheese, garlic and sea salt.  There are no artificial perservatives or colors added to these biscuits either

The variety pack is perfect for the doggie who has a palet that likes to try new and exciting things…but not to worry if your dog is stuck on just one of these flavors, well then, they are available in individual flavors and three different sizes…mini, small and large.  Just check it out online or at your favorite pet store.  Enjoy!