October Already…Think Dogs & Apples


Either way you think about it, it's October already and that means apple picking time is in full force and so are these delicious treats that can be made with them…like apple pie, candy apples, applesauce and of course, apple dog treats.  

Some apple orchards even let you bring your dogs and if you're lucky enough to be able to pick your own apples then go for it, or just pick some up at your favorite farm stand or supermarket.  Either way apple goodness is about to happen.

Start with this easy homemade applesauce recipe. Put some on top of your pets food for an extra little something or just give him some in a bowl….they're gonna love it.  

If applesauce isn't for you, then try making dehydrated apple slices.

Both the applesauce and apple slices should keep in fridge for aboout a week or so in a closed jar or container. 

If your feeling adventurous, try making apple dog biscuits, a sure way to catch your pups attention. 

However, if picking and making apple treats for your dog is too time consuming for you, well there's always some healthy apple dog treats available at just about every pet store.

Remember, the main thing is to provide your dog with healthy and natural treat and apples are definitely a great place to start.