Nina Ottosson Dog Memory

Sometimes we wonder just how smart our pups are…probably alot smarter than we give them credit for.  It's always a great idea to stimulate their minds with some, what I like to call, dog teaser toy.  This one called Dog Memory by Nina Ottosson is really wonderful because of the bold colors and a treat section where you can hide a treat with doggie watching and then see if he remembers where you put it.  Keeping our babies memories sharp is just as important as stimulating our own memories to keep us sharp.  It's also a nice way to play and interact with your pup with very little effort.

This Dog Memory toy is made from timber that can't otherwise be used.  The non-wooden parts are made from recycled plastic mixed with fine sawdust,  making this toy recycleable after a long life of fun for your buddy…afterall most things don't last forever.  Dog Memory Toy by Nina Ottosson is made in Sweden, which again is fine with THP. This wood toy is available on several sites. Enjoy!