Newman’s Own Organic


I've seen Newman”s Own Organic Pet products for quite some time and of course his name is on people foods also.  Never paid much attention, but today I decided to check out some organic dog treat and came across these Newman's Own Organic Snack SticksNewman's Own has quite a few really nice products and some are made in Canada or New Zealand, which is ok by me. 

Actually I was going to select one those today because they all looked healthy and good for our pups, but I decided to keep on searching and was happily surprised when I came across these snack sticks that are not only natural and organic ingredients, but are free of wheat, corn, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, but are also made in the USA.

These soft sticks come in three different falvors, the Chicken & Sweet Potato Pictured along with Chicken & rice and Chicken & vegetables.  The first ingredient listed on all is organic chicken…just the way we like it.  Absolutely no ingredients come from China!   So, on that note, the Newman”s Own pet proucts move on with a  new generation of Newman's that continue to care about what they put in their furry frineds food and treats.  Enjoy!