Natures Variety-Beef Stix

Recently someone brought me a few dog treats they didn't feel their dogs would be able to chew.  I wrote about one of them yesterday and mentioned that my two dogs absolutely loved.  Well today I'll tell you a little about these Natures Variety Beef Stixs that were also given to me.  Of course,  I checked them out first before giving these stixs to my dogs to make sure they were healthy…they were.

Since this is not the type of treat I normally get for my dogs, I didn't know if they would like it.  Well, I shouldn't have even given it a second thought, cause as soon as i gave them each one they went to their own corners and preceeded to devour it.  Granted it took a while longer than the usual treat, but as the bag got closer to the end, after a couple of days, they had the chewing of these stix down pat.

This is not a treat I would give my dogs everyday, but definitely for those special times when they need something extra to let them know they're special, like when I have to go out and crate them for awhile for example, even though I leave the Dogtv channel on, which they seem to like.

These are tasty all natural beef sticks that have been roasted to perfection for your dog's ultimate pleasure. A treat that's a good source of protein and low in fat to boot!  Nothing artificial has been added so your dog gets nothing but all beef…sounds good to me.

Not only are the stix holesome and all-natural, (Made from steer pizzle which is  a much safer alternative to rawhide), but the stix have no artificial preservatives, no artificial coloring and no artificial flavoring, and are made in the USA and USDA inspected and registered in a US plant.

The Natures Variety Beef Stix are available on several different sites in a couple of different sizes, so check it out and see which is better for you and your dog…I think your gonna like it and most definitely your dogs will.  I reccomend a smaller pack at first to see if they like it ,as they can be a bit pricey.

Remember, this treat is also great for your dogs teeth, but only if there teeth are in good condition.  If your dog is already having some teeth or gum issues and has difficulty chewing, then this is not a treat for them.  Enjoy!!