Nature Nap

This is exactly what I'm looking for. An eco-friendly mat handcrafted in the U.S.A., in some jazzy chevron print for one of my dogs who happens to have bitten another hole in another umpteenth pillow to remove all the filling, that I happen to always put in his crate so he will be soft and comfy.  Hasn't worked yet so maybe something less fluffy like this Nature Mat, by West Paw Design will do the trick.   Someone told me he's just frustrated….well guess what, so am I. 

But since being a pet parent is alot like having kids, you can't send them back so you just keep trying something different until it works and this Nature Mat looks really nice and soft and comfy.  The mat come in several different sizes and will fit most standard crates.  It also comes in several different really cool chevron and animal print patterns and solids of course,  that will fit any dogs personality.  I bet it would work perfectly for all you kitty parents also.  Made with soft recycled plastic fiber batting, this mat can be easily machine washed…so no problems there. 

So, if your dogs a chewer like mine and your tired of trying to find him in a crate of fluff all the time, maybe this mat is for you too.  Enjoy!