Nature Nap for Cat Mat

I don't know about you but my four-legged friends love to lay on the couch.  What is it, that they love to scramble onto the couch alll the time   Well, needless to say,  I keep a jersey knit sheet on the two couches I have to contain the hair….but what do I do when I have company…I certainly don't want to keep the sheets on and make my guests feel like they can't sit down. ..but I found a solution.

Check out this Eco-Friendly Nature Nap for Cat Mat by West Paw, is perfect just for this purpose.  Not too big and not to small…in other words purr-fect.  Now you can control the hair to the mat and also have your guests feel comfortable with sitting on the couch.  Here's a little tip that I thought worked great…leave the sheet on and then place the mat on top of sheet, where you would like them to nap, this way they get used to that spot.  Simply remove the sheet when company comes and eveyone has a place to sit.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A. this oval mat comes in for different colors or chevron designs to compliment your living area. Made with thick recycled poly batting, that's sewn inside for extra comfort along with the top stitching eliminates bunching. Sewn in cushion with comfortable raised edge, making it easy to machine wash.  This comfortable mat is also great for small pups that love to lay on the couch.  Would also work nicely on your pets favorite spot on the bed if that's their pleasure.  Enjoy!