Natural Purrz Cat Savory Salmon Treat

Did you ever notice that it's harder to find healthy soft treats for your furry little feline friends that are  made in the USA.  Well, if you've never checked it out, take my word for it…it is quite chore…but that's what I just happen to do to help all you guys who are short on time.

So It  was great to find something nice and healthy at Zukes that our babies will absolutely love. And why not I ask…afterall it's made with ocean caught Salmon, which is a whole food source of Omega 3 fish oil, along with natural cranberries that support urinary tract health and a whole array of other good stuff.  Something you will feel good about giving your kitty.

But even if your cat is picky and doesn't care for Salmon…hard to believe but you never know, these Natural Purrz Treats also come in Tender Chicken and Tuna with all the same good stuff.   Each bite size treat is tender, meaty and delicious and combine the best of natural ingredients and delicious taste. These Zukes Treats will keep your car purring and purring and purring.  Oh, and did i mention they're only three calories each so your kitty won't have to worry about his or hers waistline!

Find these treats on and on several different sites so choose which one is purr-fect for you.  Enjoy!