Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix

I love meatballs.  Everytime I make them, probably once a month, I wind up eating a couple while I'm finishing up frying them, never even making it to the gravy…yummy, absolutely yummy, just can't resist.   In fact my mouth is watering just thinking about their deliciousness.

You know who else would love to sink their teeth into some delicious meatballs…of course you do…your four-legged furry friend.  And why not I ask, what's good for the goose…well you know the rest.

So hear comes Your Dogs Diner with their Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix!  Your Dog's Diner Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix, is a a dry mix made with all organic ingredients that allows you to make your dog fresh meatballs right from your kitchen. Ingredients include organic rolled oats, organic spinach flakes, organic red bell pepper, organic parsley and organic basil. Add one pound lean ground meat, (beef, turkey or chicken),  and one egg to the mix to make the meatballs.  Put them on a cookie tray and bake at 350 degrees and depending on what size you made the meatballs, (smaller dog smaller meatballs, larger dog larger meatballs) bake till done,cool and feed…easy enough right?  Of course, your not going to feed these meatballs to your dog all at once, so either freeze them for up to three months (all ready to go for the next Italian dinner night), or refrigerate for up to three or four days.  Your choice either way, but one thing for sure your buddy will be in doggie heaven whenever it's meatball time.

This Mutt Meatballs Treat Mix is made right here in Florida, USA and is available at and several other sites, so be sure to check it out.  This is one treat your dog is really going to love on meatball and spaghetti night at your home.  Enjoy!