We all pretty much feel the same way about mouses. None of us wants them in or near our house so we set up all sorts of mouse traps if there's the slightest inkling that there one out and about…on the flip side, our furry babies absolutely love mouses…they love to chase, bat and especially catch one and present it to us with such pride…ugh!

Well, this little devil, called Mouse, is now a member of West Paw Design Eco- Friendly toy line with it's new  Eco-Fabric Coat.  Your babies won't mind having this cutie around because even though it's not real, a mouse is a mouse, is a mouse to any and all kitties.   Besides this one will last a lot longer than the real thing, even with some active cat and mouse play.

If this gray made in the USA Mouse looks to much like the real thing, no worries beacuse it also comes in some cute colors like red, light blue or white…well maybe not the white. This mouse is filled with 100% USDA pure certified catnip that contains no pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic herbicides or fillers,  because our sweeties deserve nothing but the best. So put on your seatbelts and get ready for the action when your babies get a look and sniff at this double whammy mouse with catnip toy.  Enjoy!