There's nothing fancy or different about this eco-friendly cat toy, other than it being probably one of a cats most favorite things to play with…a Mouse…plain and simple sometimes works best.  No one is trying to invent the wheel here and once in a while we just need to get down to the basic things cats have been itchin to play with all along.

The eco-friendly fabric coat comes in four different colors…is small enough to bat around yet big enough to cuddle up with.  It's filled with Certified Organic Catnip and has a tiny tinkling bell inside that will make your think he went to heaven.

You can name Mouse anything you want but at he's just known as Mouse.  You'll have to check  out a new name with your  furry feline buddy…but I wouldn't worry about a name…just sit back and watch your kitty have loads of fun with his or hers new friend, which by the way is made right here in the U.S.A.  anyway you look at it, it's just perfect.  Enjoy!