Mountain Dog Leash

This original Earth Friendly Mountain Dog Leash by non other than Mountain Dog is handmade in the U.S.A. from post-consumer recycled climbing rope and individually inspected, Mountain Dog makes the most comfortable, strongest, and longest lasting leashes on the planet!

The leash is comfortable and softer to the touch than leather or nylon and also round, so it fits perfectly in your hand. It has elastic, so it absorbs the shock when your dog decides to end your walk early and develop a closer relationship with aanother animal passing by.   It's safe because your dog will not break this leash, ever, even if your dog is part bulldozer, your Mountain Dog Leash will keep your canine companion connected to you… As long as you don't let go!   This Mountain Dog Leash is a very durable leash under normal conditions and should last much longer than any other leash.

Earth Friendly Mountain Dog Leashes actually reduce landfill contributions by repurposing climbing rope and using it in leashes..and we all know how strong climbing rope has to be or…OOPS!!

Mountain Dog makes only sustainable, premium-quality products that are built to last. That means you buy fewer leashes and consume fewer natural resources. The leash is handmade in the U.S.A. by sweatshop-free labor and involve no carbon intensive recycling process…YEAH!!!  So If your looking for a strong leash for your big bruiser or maybe your little bruiser check it out.   The Mountain Dog Leash is available on their own site or on a couple of other sites also.   I think your gonna like it.  Enjoy!