Lucky Dog Shamrock Tank Top

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and if your Irish or just want to be Irish for the day, then your doggie most likely wants to be Irish too.

So to help celebrate this fun-filled day with partying, parading or just going to the dog park, why not dress up for the occasion…you know how much our boys and girls love to play dress-up.

This cute green Lucky Dog Shamrock Tank Top has a big ole white Shamrock right on the back, letting everyone know how lucky our pups are to have pet parents that take the extra time to celebrate St. Patty's Day with them.

Made from 100% cotton, that makes it soft and comfy, right here in the USA,  this tank top comes in sizes XXS to XXL…perfect for just about any Irish loving dog or cat for that matter.  It's been said that “if your lucky enough to be Irish…then your lucky enough”.  but if your not Irish then maybe a Lucky Dog Shamrock Tank Top on your babies, will be all the luck we'll need!   Enjoy!