Little Eatz Pet & People Treats

Okay, now I've seen everything.  Recently, someone gave me a bag of Little Eatz Pet & People Treats…wasn't paying much attention about the people part, but was just checking up on the Ingredients before giving them to my dogs only to find they are also good for us to eat too…dah,..I'm a little slow, since the package clearly states pet & people treats. 

After getting my head out of the sand, I realized this is the perfect treat for dogs who are always following you around if you are eating or snacking.  Now you can snack on these healthy cookies and  share these Little Eatz Pet & People Treats with your dog…pretty cool.

They come in three diffrerent scrumtious flavors…Carob Chip, Perfect Peanut Butter and the flavor my dogs have Cinnamon Crunch.  They smell great and my dogs love them.  I had one and they are not only healthy but quite tasty…can't wait to try the Perfect Peanut Butter!

This great idea to make an all natural cookie treat that both you and your dogs can enjoy is also made right here in the USA.  As a matter of fact, four of the ingredients used to make these treats are included in a list by Whole Foods as the healthiest foods in the world.  All of the healthy Ingredients are listed individually on the Little Eatz site along with each ingredients nutritional value, that is important to your dogs health, so check it out.  These treats are also available on several different sites and as always you can choose what fits your needs best.  Happy snacking!  Enjoy!