Kitty Nest

Well, I'm sure everyone has heard of a birds nest, but have you ever heard of a KittyNest?  Just check out the pictures and you will know exactly what it is.

KittyNest is an earth friendly hangout for your kitty. It can be used as a home, bed, hideout, perch, treat holder, scratcher, and more. The cardboard is chemical free and fully recyclable. It assembles without the use of any glue or tools, and upon the end of it’s useful life 100% of the KittyNest can be returned to the recycling bin.

Made of brown craft paper and stainless steel, both are 100% recycleable.

This adorable nest is not only designed, but made in the USA…and that's a good thing.

This is a happy little place were all our furry little friends can hang out, play and just be happy…no worries… just happy.  Remember how we loved to have a hangout when we were kids, a place to go and dream and pretend, well our kittys need a place like that also.

Look at the picture on the left, bet he's pretending he's in a cave and no one can see him.  Or how about the one on the right, well , he's  pretending he's a King on his thrown or whatever, (after all I'm not a mind reader)…in make-believe-land, just like we did so long ago.

These adorable KittyNests are avaiable at Paper Lion Co. and the great thing is that you can get a Replacement Paper Band seperately, when your kitty is ready for a new one.  So, check it out and give you kitty yet another exciting place to hang out, that he or she will love.  Enjoy looking.   I know I did.