Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher

Look how comfy this precious kitty is on this really cool Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher….and you know how much the kitties love to scratch, which means it's just about time for a new one and the Holidays are  the perfect time to get your furry friend a new one. 

Now you know this is not for just the boys…cause I'm pretty sure the girls will love to be on the Express KittyTrain Cat Scratcher too, probably pretending to be going on a shopping trip or something fun like that!

This fabulous scratcher is completely recyclable and comprised of 100% recycled materials…but wait, there's more, he Kitty Express Train Cat Scratcher has two stories…comes with a bag of Ceritied Organic Catnip and is made in the U.S.A.

This in a nice size scratcher measuring 9″ D x 20.5'” W x 9.5″ H…big enough to take a nap on but probably to big for their stocking, so just wrap it up and stick under the tree… that'll do just fine, cause kitty doesn't really care where it is on Christmas morning…under the tree or in the stocking, just as long as they get one.  Enjoy!