K9 Granola Factory Wisconsin Cheddar and Liver Bagels

I love bagels…bagels with cream cheese and jelly…bagels with butter and jelly or a nice toasted bagel with peanut butter and jelly, yummy. Well, I bet your little buddies will love them also and I found one that sounds pretty good for them.

K9 Granola Factory has these Wisconsin Cheddar and Liver Bagels that I'm pretty sure they're gonna love.  Okay, your thinking Liver…ugh, but what may sound not so good to us, tastes gantastic to our four-legged friends. 

Besides, did you ever have a real good liver pate?  Bet on a bagel it's incredible.  I know alot of folks dislike liver but for all you liver lovers out there…you know what i'm talking about.  Trust me the pups are gonnal love it!

So, what's not to love, I ask.  These doggie bagels are oven baked and naturally delicious. These little hearty treats are blended with timeless dog classics of natural and nutricious ingredients that make this treat great for all breed dog and takes the guess work out for us, because we know they are such a healthy treat.  Next time you treat yourself to a bagel, how about a little one for our best friends…Oh and I almost forgot (still thinking of some yummy liver pate), to mention that they are meade right here in the U.S.A…how sweet is that!

Check them out on amazon.com where I came across them or at k9granolafactory.com Enjoy!