Jumbo Fetch Dog Placemat

Tired of looking at your dogs food and water all over the floor and wanting something to solve the problem  Well this Jumbo Fetch Dog Placemat is a perfect size for all the big boys and girls and their one or two bowls.

This eco-friendly black placemat will the word “Fetch” in the center and all around the border, will do the trick because it comes in the Jumbo size of 15″ by 25″ and will help prevent any dribbles and messy food spills.

This fun Bone shaped Jumbo Fetch Placemat by Ore, is made on 100% recycled rubber, making it easy to wipe clean and of course it is made right her in the good old U.S.A., just the way we like it.

Of course, we know that all pups are not big boys and girls, so Ore also makes a Mini Fetch Placemat exactly like this one but measuring only 12″ by 18″, perfect for all the little boys and girls.  So check it out, even pups like new placemats every so often, just like us.  Enjoy!