“I Bark, Therefore I am”  Organic Cotton Dog Tank Shirt

As I'm listening to my dog bark and bark and bark, at what I don't know for sure, it could be a passing car, school bus, walkers, vacuum, the nieghbors and the list goes on and on and on, I remembered seeing this tank-shirt , “I Bark. Therefore I Am” the other day on the site, Paws on Palm Beach and decided to post a picture for two reasons,  1. for my sanity and 2. for my sanity…period.

There must be something to this barking thing besides exhausting himself and me.  I got to thinking that maybe the tank shirt would help…give himself some self esteem, make him feel confident or secure..I don't know, but you can bet your last buck that I'm gonna find out.

The shirt is 100% organic and comes in several different sizes and is made in the USA.   Please measure and use the sizing chart for correct size and also read the return policy.

The question, why do some dogs bark at everything and other dogs do not, is a mystery to me.  If it were not for this , he would be 100% perfect., instead of 99.9% perfect.   It's not that he doesn't get enough attention or love, cause he certainly does…could that be it?  I don't think so, cause you can never give too much love and attention to your dog in my opinion. They thrive on that.  Of course we love him, but the BARKING is driving us crazy.   What's a parent to do??   Hopefully wearing the “I Bark,Therefore I Am” tank shirt will help him settle down.  I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.  How's that sound to you?