EcoBio Stones for Aquariums

Thinking of setting up an aquariam but concerned that it's to difficult to keep the water clear….well worry no more, because I just came across this EcoBio stone that keeps your tank clear for up to two years. 

The EcoBio-stone is a volcanic rock and cement block containing nutrients and beneficial bacteria that regularly multipy to create a healthy ecosystem.  

Just drop it in after following the easy instructions and you'll see the results in a matter of weeks…now, how easy is that, plus it works in either fresh or salt water tanks.

Stones come in two different sizes and color to fit yoour needs.  So no more excuses, get busy.

Wondering if it works in your outside pond.  Well if you guessed yes, you are correct. Ecobio-Stone or Ecobio-block waves are available for your pond also.

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