How to Make Eco-Friendly Pet Beds

Having a really comfortable bed for our pets is something we all want of course.  Here are some DIY pet bed projects that will not only be comfortable for your babies, but put him or her in a class of their very own. 

From modern to country to shabby chic, to just plain ctute, these pet beds are not only wonderfully adorable and cute but unique and even retro, because in case you didn't hear, what's old is new again and anything goes!

Mid Century Look Pet Bed – This shows how it's made with new wood, but using reclaimed wood would be awsome when it”s fitted with an eco-friendly pillow.

Milk Crate Bed – This is really a cool idea and purfect for a country kitty or doggie and so easy to make.  Any interesting crate in any size or shape, will really make a statement.  Even uptown pups & kitties would like this one.

Dresser Drawer Pet Bed – These directions are pretty easy to follow…size of dresser drawer depends on the size of your furry friend,  but the same rules apply.  If your into shabby chiche for example, then white wash it, or any other style you like, the skies the limit and with some imagination…endless

Shabby Chiche Pet Bed – This is one of my favorites, shabby chiche dresser drawer bed.  The instructions are just pics but check them all out.  Notice the drawer is old with the tongue and groove corner for strentgh and the reinforced center, add some leg, paint and it's ready to go.  Don't forget the eco-friendy cushion.

Multi-Function End Tabe Bet – Here's a couple of examples on repurposing a retro end table into something functional for both you and your pet. Simple from start to finis.


Chair Bed – Find an old vintage wood chair.  Top is for the headboard and the legs are for the footboard.  You can possibly use the seat up side down for the base, but if that's not possible make a wood frame from pine boards or plywood and attach to headboard and footboard with wood glue.  Remember, measure twice and cut once.  Paint the bed your pets favorite color, decorate with name and add a matching pillow that can be easily made and stuffed…cute,cut and more cute.

Upside Down Table Pet Bed – Okay, so this one will take a little more time, but oh how sweet are the results and as always, instead of foam fill a sham with some old t-shirts or terry towels.  Makes for easy cleaning.  Oh and if a coffee table is too big to use…well then how about a four legged end table,  If you buddy is a female and your handy with in the sewing department, add a matching canopy for the princess…they'll love it!

From TV Console to Pet Bed – If you have the space then check out this old TV console made into a pet bed with very little effort.  If you have a smaller pup or kitty check out the picture of the end table pet bed…same rules appy in making it.

Suitcase Bed –  I love this idea…one old vintage suitcase in any shape, color, style  or size approprite for your furry friends and voila, you have a fun and unique pet bed, good for either felines or canies, males or females.   Add any type of legs you like, from soft balls to wood shapes to office chair bases, to name a few and that's what make for a great conversation piece.  I pictured several different ones with directions to only one or two..but the same concept on making them applies to all.  Go have some fun.

So there you have it, a few ideas to get you started on making your pet bed by recycling, reclaiming, repurposing and refinishing some vintage and retro stuff that is still very, very useable…just use your imagination and have some fun hunting up these old items and then reinventing them!