Homemade Chicken Jerky

Yesterday I was in a local pet store picking up some treats and doggie food for my two dogs. There were alot of folks picking up all kinds of jerky.  Jerky has gotton a bad rap and rightly so, but surpriseingly there are still lots and lots of brands to choose from and lots and lots that were not even made in the USA.  I'm alot iffy about jerky but I know how much my dogs would love it.  Even though there are some out there made in the USA I'm still very skeptical about them.

That's why I would like to suggest making your own Chicken Jerky, instead of store bought. It's really not so difficult, all you have to do is buy some grain free, organic or any type of chicken breast you yourself and your family would eat….slice strips, ( cut the strips before you freeze them so they're all ready to go, next time your roasting or baking something), put on a foil covered cookie sheet and bake for about an hour, cool and place in baggie or container and refrigerate.  A nice healthy jerky treat, that you absolutely know is healthy and where it came from. Your pups not only deserve it but will love your for it.  Be prepared for doggie licks.  Enjoy!