Holiday Duck Treat

When I was a kid my folks usually made a Duck or a Goose for Christmas dinner or even New Years dinner.  For some reason it's become Turkey, some sort of Beef or Ham.  What happened to the Duck??  Maybe it's to expensive, to hard to find or to hard to roast, cause there is a certain knack to it. Oh, if only we could bring back some (and I definitely only mean some), of the great things from the good old days.

Well maybe we won't be having Duck this year, but no reason why our furry four-legged friends can't have it.   As pet parents we want to make sure our pups are having a really special goodie, since of course we'll be feasting out on tons of yummy stuff…only fair , right?

So how about treating your buddies with these Limited Edition Holiday Duck with Cranberry and Mint biscuits that will may any one of our pups feel really special.

Made with all Natural ingredients… grain free, allergen free, no wheat, corn or soy and of course made in the U.S.A.  Made by Only Natural Pet and available on and two or three other sites.   If you can't get them in time for Christmas, New Years will do just fine.  Oh, I forgot to mention, be prepared for lots of kisses, hugs and licks.  Enjoy!