Ho-Ho Hairball Cat Toy

These cute little Ho-Ho Hairballs Cat Toys are just waiting to be claimed for some furry kitties stocking…why not let it be your kitties stocking.  Whether your kitty has been naughty or nice, they will love these Ho Ho Hairballs…cause they're always mostly nice, right?

This little ball of festive fur will entertain the most finicky felines for hours and hours.  Filled with extremely potent USDA 100% certified Organic Catnip and an enticing bell, this jolly little fellow will prove to beone of kitties favorite gifts.  But here's a tip, don't put the Ho-Ho Hairball into the stocking until the very last minute, otherwise your little one will go crazy trying to jump and get it out before the big day.

Handcrafted and made in the U.S.A., the generous dose of catnip will heighten your furry little friends senses to everyones delight…well, maybe not everyone. 

These 3″ Ho-Ho Hairball Cat Toys come in a package of one in either white or light brown…and not to worry, they will not stain your carpet.  So hurry up and check it out, there's still plenty of time and available on several sites.  Enjoy!