Highlander Walk-Through-Pet Gate

We all have some reason why we need a gate to keep our four-legged friends confined to one area from time to time.  I know I have one dog who likes to bolt out of the house everytime the front door opens or  go out the garage door when it's open.  It's a huge problem and we are know looking for a gate to keep him away from those places for his own safety.   Your problem may not be the same but for whatever reason you may have, I have found not only a great looking, stylish gate but one that is made of hardwood, that's eco- friendly stained and of course made in the USA.

There are lots and lots of different free standing pet gates, bamboo, wood and wire, free standing slides and on and on.  This one is for folks who want to go with a more stylish looking pet gate that allows easy access back and forth for the busy areas we may have.  It's the Highlander-Walk-Through-Pet-Gate by Dynamic Accents.

The Gate features double acting hinges that allow these gates to be placed in multiple formations for challenging openings.  The 1.75” spindle spacing provides effective containment for all breeds. Gates are easily customized by adding additional panels, making these gates ideal for use in open floor plan areas (two additional panels adds an extra three feet).  Available in three popular eco-friendly water based finish options,  Mahogany, Black, Artisan Bronze. Zig Zag design requires no assembly and provides secure confinements for pets. Velcro strap included with 5-Panel gates for securing pen-type formations and for storage.  So if this sounds like a great solution for you, this gate is availble on several different sites, so check it out.  Prices vary depending on how many panels you need.  I don't think you'll be dissapointed.  Enjoy!