Hemp Eco Drop for Cat

When we think of a pet bed it's usually all about the dogs…right?   Well this pet bed is strictly about  our precious puring, furry buddies. and it's about time.

This Hemp Eco Drop for Cats, aka Cat Bed, by West Paw Design, is purr-fect for three and maybe more reason. One it's eco-friendly. Two it's zip off cover is machine washable (the more you wash the softer it gets) and machine dryable. Three, it's hand sewn and made in the USA. 

You'll also notice it's a bit higher, nice for those kitties that like to feel like they're on top of the whole situation and perched high off the ground making  this cloud of a cat bed a soft sanctuary for felines that like to nest in folds of soft, breathable fabric.

So why not give your kitty a cat bed that is a double-stuffed dreamy resting place that they will love to surround themselves in.  A thick cushion of 100% recycled InterLoft fill surrounded by  super soft and snuggly hemp…sounds good to me and it will definitely feel comfy for your cats, so check it out at westpawdesign.com where I first found it.  It's also available on a few other sites and start at aproximately $80.00 for the small.  Medium and large are also available on some sites and the two colors they come in, are as pictured. Enjoy!