Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps

Bananas are terrific fruit to give our doggies.  My two pups really love them, except sometimes I'm out of them as I only get a few at a time and they turn quickly and sometimes one of my dogs, whose a little finicky is not in the mood for the bananas soft texture….this is when I turn to a crunchy banana crisp chip like these Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps.

Oh, there's alot of treats containing bananas, I've even told you about some of them…banana & PB, or apples or flax, chicken or…the list goes on and on.  Don't get me wrong, lots of them are very good and healthy for our pups….but sometimes I just prefer to give just good ole bananas with nothing else added and that's where these Banana Crisps come in. 

Made with ony bananas and coconut oil, this is a great go to treat for the pups when the real thing isn't available or your doggie is only in the mood for something crunchy.  They are grain and gluten free and contain no toxic chemicals or residues.  These all natural crisps are a great energy booster and easy on their tummies…and made in the USA…perfect.  Enjoy!