Halo Spot’s Chew Pumpkin Flavor Natural Edible Dental Dog Treats

There's no point asking your fur baby if he brushed his teeth tonight… now it's his favorite part of the day, since I found these Pumpkin flavored Dental Chews.  I've never seen pumpkin dental chew treats before and believe me. I've done quite a bit of research on dental chews.  

There are three reason why these chews by Halo are great….One…Spot's Chew in yummy pumpkin flavor is a terrific way to get the wonderful benefits of pumpkin into our pups…Two, because Spot's Chews help keep their teeth clean and strong and free of tartar and Three…they are made in the USA, which in my opinion makes for a win, win all the way around.

Made with brown rice flour chia seeds, cinnamon, carrots, pumpkin and cinnamon, calcium enriched and omega fatty acids.  There is no added sugar, no wheat gluten, corn starch, soy, or artificial colors, so no worries about carpet stains like some other chews. 

I found these healthy chews on various different sites. They may seasonal because pumpkin is more popular this time of the year,but I could be wrong about that.  Check it out soon, though, just in case I'm not.  We don't want our buddies to miss out and have to wait till next year. Enjoy!