If your wonderinig what H2FIDO is, wonder no more.  This is a new and exciting innovative concept for all you outdoor parents of all dogs, large, medium or small, who go with you on walks, hikes, camping, road trip…well you get the idea, and you need to carry water with you to hydrate your boy or girl…well Voila, this should interest you.

H2FIDO by MODGY, is BPA free and uses recyclable plastics creating a collapsible bottle and bowl that has great strength and can be clipped and used repeatedly while exploring the great outdoors.

Each portable system comes with one 20 ounce bottle with sports cap, carabineer, and two re-sealable bowls. Simply remove a bowl from the carabineer and fill with the bottle. Dogs will feel at ease using a bowl that is more like home. No more bending over and holding a contraption that will end with you having messy hands and a wasting water. The bowls also can be used for dog food as well.  This portable pooch hydrator is also refillable and reuseable.

H2FIDO  is made in the USA and comes in eight different creative designs to choose from.  I chose the one pictured because the earthtones reminds me of the great outdoors and green is one of my favorite colors, but all the designs are really cool.  Check it out.

So, do your buddy a favor and carry some water with you wherever you go.  You'll feel better and they'll love you for it.

H2FIDO portable pooch hydrator is priced at $10.95 | SHOP NOW