Greener Pup Bed

First of all, your dog or cat will love how cozy and comfortable these beds are. Pet owners will appreciate how easy they are to clean and that they are safe for their pets and safe for the environment. Each Greener Pup Bed is made in the United States and designed by Kari Whitman.  It comes with a free washable cover made from recycled fabrics, and beds are stuffed with a pillow form or surprisingly soft and durable filler material made from 100% recycled plastic. According to Greener Pup, one pound of filling is made from 10 plastic bottles. Since the beds have up to 12 pounds of filling each, each bed keeps 70-120 plastic bottles out of the landfill. This filler material is also breathable and hypo-allergenic…which is a good thing.

Pet parents have many options available to them when choosing the right Greener Pup bed for their dog, or a Greener Kitty cat bed.  There are three styles of beds: rectangle, round, and sofa bed. Each style can be customized with a cover that is made from a variety of fabric patterns to match or coordinate with your decor. Every fabric cover is removable for easy cleaning and made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Your pup spends a lot of time playing and interacting with you and your family. A soft and comfortable bed for him to slumber on is a must, especially as he gets older and requires the support of a good pet bed. Giving your favorite furry companions a Greener Pup pet bed will also ensure that your pet beds are stylish and good for the environment, plus your purchase helps another dog find his or her forever home because a 100% of all the profits benefit Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue.

Each of the three bed styles are available in four sizes. Choose your removable, machine-washable cover from any of the available fabrics. You can also indulge your inner designer and create the perfect expression of your pup’s style by ordering one of their customized beds! Available in an eclectic array of fabric and patterns.  I just happen to love the ones pictured.   A nice reminder that every little bit we do, helps save our planet.  Enjoy!