Good Karma Rope Ring

 Isn't this pic one of the cutest things you've seen recently.  Look how he's smiling for the camera.  Makes you just want to give him a great big hug.

 You'll notice he has a couple of rings around his collar…the good kind of course.  It's called Good Karma Rope Ring by Jax and Bones.  Now what could be bad about good karma…nothing, absolutely nothing.

 This 100% eco-friendly Good Karma Rope Ring is made from chemical-free natural dyed cotton thread, hand tied and naturally frays to act like a doggie dental floss…and you know I'm a huge advocate of healthy teeth for our dogs, which definitely pays off in the long run.

 What the pic says is exactly what you do for your teething puppies…dip the riing in water, freeze and watch your boy or girl love the cold relief it gives on the gums…same concept you would use for an actual babies teething ring.  Of course, our boys or girls are just like our very own babies to us.

 But wait, the Good Karma Rope Ring, is also great for the older dogs who love to chew,play tug of war and fetch.   Afterall, the big boys and girls need good karma too…don't you think?

 The ring comes in two sizes, is machine washable, durable and safe and come in four different colors, orange, teal, lime and brown.  Always get the correct size for your dog and monitor their play…just like a baby.

 The Good Karma Rope Ring is priced at $8.50 / SHOP NOW