Good Karma Rope Toy with Vegetable Dyed Rope

Here's cute little Elton the octopus, good Karma rope toy by Jax and Bones   Elton has eight little legs, perfect for teething puppies and when they start to tug, the legs unravel and the rope acts as a dental floss.

How cool is that,  playing and flossing at the same time, plus he is 100% eco friendly and 10% of all proceeds go to animal welfare groups.  

Check out their other ropes in an assortment of colors, including Louie the lobster or Derby the horse and wait to you see Kramer the crab….so cute!!!  

Most of the ropes come in small or large and if your dog is not into animal shaped toys, no problem,  there is also a nice selection of ropes in shape of rings, flowers, hearts and my favorite, the peace sign…but wait, there's also something for the boating buffs in the shape of a wheel or anchor in the color blue of course.   

So sit back and watch you dog have some fun.

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