Ginger’s Favorite Oatmeal-Apple Cookies

I'm thinking most folks love cookies, all kind of cookies, including one of my favorite oatmeal cookies.  I'm also pretty sure your doggies would just love to get a hold of some delicious oatmeal cookies, especially if they're anything like my pups.  

Just add some apple and you have yourself some of Ginger's Favorite Oatmeal-Apple Cookies…yummy.  This cookie and business got started and named  after a rescued English Bulldog and Beagle Mix named Ginger…hence Ginger's Treats.

Made in Seattle Wa., U.S.A. these cookie treats are filled with only Organic Ingredients like rye flour, rolled oats, apples, raw clover honey, extra virgin coconut oil, cinnamon and cloves.  There are no fillers, corn, wheat or preservatives.

I love the fact that Ginger's cookies and all their other treats like their crunches,brittle,snackers, poppers and chews, are all made for our pups with all the best Organic Ingredients we would want for our babies…like peanut butter, blueberry, sweet potato, carob sweet potato and pumpkin….it doesn't get much better than that.  Check out all the good stuff including Ginger's Favorite Oatmeal-Apple Cookis at and read the home and about section, which is very refreshing.  Enjoy!