Organic Ginger

Almost time to start thinking about making a Gingerbread house or Gingerbread cookies.   What fun it is to make and even more fun to eat it piece by piece.  Now you can have your pup join in the eating fun with these USDA 100% Organic –Oven Baked- Ginger Treats by Grandma Lucy, without feeling guilty because now he can enjoy a healthy Ginger Treat or two, same as you. 

Made with 100%USDA organic ingredients, these treats have no artificilal colors, flavors or sweeteners.  They are made with all human-grade ingredients, free of hydrogenated oils and trans fats.  They are also baked in a kitchen and not a factory with the kind of care and love our furry buddies deserve.

So, make sure you have a bag of these Ginger Treats on hand so your pup doesn't feel left out and dissappointed, when you tackle the gingerbread cookies or house, cause what would the holidays be like without any Ginger something or other anyway. 

These fabulous healthy dog treats are available on the Grandma Lucy site or on several others also, so no excuses.  Your pup is gonna loves these and then love you more for getting them.  Enjoy!