Get well soon Bru!

One of Tree Hugging Pets own is in the hospital today. 

Bruno chewed up a bottle of Aleve last night and ate about 4-5 capsules.  If you don't know, ibuprofen and naproxen (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be fatal in dogs and cats and it's the most common form of pet poisoning. The scary thing is that it doesn't even take a lot to make them really sick.  Bruno took over 4 times the amount that is toxic to a dog his size (15 pounds).  

Thankfully we were able to get to the emergency vet hour very quickly after he consumed the pills. They induced vomiting and started him on a very aggressive treatment plan.  Today he's been transferred to his regular vet and we won't know how much longer he'll need to stay until later tonight.  It's just a wait and see at this point, but this morning he was in good spirits. The ASCPC poison control felt that his prognosis was very good. 

Please be very careful with ANY medications around your home.  Even if your pet has never shown interest in a pill bottle or chewed anything up in his or her life, you never know and really, why take a chance?  And if nothing else, if your pet does consume something that they normally wouldn't, check online to see if it's toxic to your animal.  You might think it's perfectly safe…but in actuality it can be fatal.  Thank you Google!