Garden Fresh Pumpkin Plush Dog Toy

So, today I found this adorable pumpkin named Garden Fresh Pumpkin Plush Dog Toy, cause not only do dogs love to eat pumpkin, they'll love to play with this super plush pumpkin….and what's not to love, especially with a squaker inside….let the crazy playing begin

This fun plush Pumpkin toy, made by P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestlye and You, is handmade with double layer exterior and double stitched edges for durability.  The plush inside has 100% eco-friendly Planet Fil, aka, consumer safe recycled plastic bottles.  It is also machine washable which always comes in handy and boast that the country of origin is the U.S.A.

Although this is made very strongley, I can't say for sure if this is the perfect toy for mega, mega chewers.  Doesn't matter what breed you have or size for that matter, but some dogs, no matter what, can chew up anything and everything, trust me, I know from personal experience.   You and you alone only know how a plush toy with squaker will work for your pet and although all dogs will simply love this roly poly pumpkin, it will only last long if your dog is a “not so much chewer”.

You can check it out at where it is selling for $13.50.  I originally found it on on sale for $10.99  Enjoy!