Fruitibles skinny minis Pumpkin and Mango Treats

Pumpkin treats don't always have to have only Pumpkin in them…kick it up a notch and try one that also has Mango and your little buddy might think he's enjoying this tropical taste on some doggie island…could be, because once you open a bag of Fruitables treats you will immediately smell the difference because Fruitables skinny minis Pumpkin and Mango Treats have taken the health benefits of soft and juicy mango and combined it with fresh, all natural pumpkin to make a delightful dog treat.

These chewy treats come in delicious flavors and a 3 1/2-calorie skinny mini size that is perfect for small dogs or for training. Each recipe has ultra low calorie pumpkin as a first ingredient and contains a gluten free ingredient list that is ideal for all dogs. These Oh-so cut flower shaped treats are fun to share and they fit inside most treat toys if that's how you pre ferfer to use them.

So if you want your doggies to be thinking happy thoughts, why not try these made in the USA healthy delicious smelling treats  They are available on many sites and easy to find, so get into the pumpkin spirit during pumpkin season and giive these treats a try. 

They are also available in Pumpkin Apple, Pumpkin Banana, Pumpkin Blueberry and Pumpkin Cranberry…so how can you go wrong with this selection.  Enjoy!