Freezy Pups Kit

This Freezy Pups Kit , by, is a really cool way to make new and delicious treats for your dogs and perfect for the warmer months, with little effort at all. Made in the USA, this is an eco-friendly recyclable product…just what we like to hear.

Freezy Pups are organic make-at-home frozen treats your dog will really love! Just mix a packet of one of the amazing recipes with water, freeze in our cool bone-shaped tray and serve the most delicious treats your dog has ever had

Organic farming is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Organic products are grown without pesticides, herbicides, fumigants, or artificial fertilizers. In other words, no yucky stuff added. This means organic farming helps protect our water, air, land and food supply from toxic chemicals and other pollutants

Each Kit includes one cool bone-shaped ice cube tray and a sample packet of four organic gourmet recipes your dog will love! (White Cheddar Cheese, Juicy Apple, Sweet Potato 'n Maple, and Chicken Soup)…sounds yummy!   Each packet makes 14 tasty bone-shaped treats!  Ordering your refills is easy at Freezy Pups where you can get and make your pups favorite flavor treat.  

Refills make 70 treats each, priced at $8.99  Trays are price at $19.99…So check it out.  Your dog is gonnal LOVE them.  Enjoy!