Floppy Frog

So February is just about over and it's almost two months since we gave our babies a new toy….I'm thinking it's just about that time. 

Let's face it, these cute and adorable plush toys just last so long…but we know that when we buy them…don't we?  It's just that we can't resist and depending on what kind of dog you have or whether or not he or she is a big chewer, pretty much determines how long these toys will last.

I like this bright Lime Green Kiwi Floppy Frog because my pups always go for the bright colors…so much for them not being able to see color.  I like the size, the arms and legs, soft corduroy material, robust squeaker that's well hidden.  I like this Floppy Frog because it also comes in two sizes, small and large, making it easy carrying for any dog, plus.   if your pup doesn't like the lime green Kiwi color or you have two dogs and need two different colors,  it comes in bright Papaya Orange also…I like that too.

Aside from all of these great features of this Floppy Frog, most of all I like that it is eco-friendly and made in the USA. and perfect for all our eco concious pet parents and easily available at westpawdesighn.com.  But remember, nothing lasts forever, not even plush dog toys…but they're so much crazy fun for our pups for however long they do.  Enjoy!