Especially for Puppies Grooming Wipes

We all know how special our little puppies are.  They're just beiginning to see what this earth is all about.  They have to learn how to walk,play,go potty and keep themselves clean.  Just like a little baby, taking a bath is something to grow into and get used to also.  Because our little buddies need a little help from us, let me mention these Especially for Puppies Grooming Wipes by earthbath, a safe and easy way to wipe away dirt and odor between baths.    

Extra mild and pH balanced for young pups, these wipes allow you to clean puppies dirty paws and undercoat. Dirty bottoms too!  Mild cleansers freshen and deodorize while the wild cherry essence leaves a heavenly scent. Hawaiian Awapuhi extract conditions coat and imparts a show quality shine. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturize coat and skin.

These earthbath wipes have no harmful anything in them and are completely safe for your puppy and the earth too!…plus they are made here in the USA…just what we like to hear.   Wipes are the next best thing to a bath and make your little ones feel clean and spiffy… just the way we like them.  These wipes are available in several places, below is just one of them.

Especially for Puppies Grooming Wipes are priced at $10.99 / SHIOP NOW